Understanding the Rules of Renting an apartment in Luxembourg City


The majority of foreigners transferring to Luxembourg usually opt to rent accommodation, and most of them rent an apartment in Luxembourg City. For short-term stay, they can choose to stay in a hotel or aparthotel. You don’t just rent the first apartment that you see in the city. There are things that you need to know and documents to prepare before you can rent one.

Look for an Apartment to Rent

A massive part of Luxembourg’s population is foreign workers from the EU living in shared accommodation or alone. It’s because of this why most of the housing supply include more apartment than family houses. The flats were the most popular type of accommodation in the country.

You can choose from furnished or unfurnished properties. The furnished properties are usually complete with all the appliances you need. However, rental costs are quite higher than usual.

The majority of homeowners rent their property through estate agents, and you can find homes to rent on property portals or at agency websites. Sometimes they are posted in local newspapers.

You can also use a relocation agency, to help you look for the apartment you need and deal with the contract signing and others. They will help you settle in the new country.

Signing the Lease Contract

Once you have found the apartment you want to rent, you need to sign a rental contract. It is best if you know someone who can translate the agreement for you in English. Otherwise, you need to look for a translator.

It is a common practice in Luxembourg that you will sign a rental contract with a fixed agreement between you and your landlord. If the apartment is in the building, you need to contribute to utility bills like maintenance, shared utilities, and concierge wages.

The landlord may ask you to provide some documents, like your identification card and the right to work or study in the city. Also, you need to submit your employment status, proof of income, and some reference from your previous landlord.


The Content of the Luxembourg Tenancy Agreement

Your lease should include several vital points, and that consists of the term of the agreement, when to pay, and the rent costs. It may also include details about terminating the lease agreement, the shared utility costs, and the tenant and the landlord’s responsibilities. The landlord should provide an energy performance certificate should, together with the tenancy agreement.

Why Choose to Rent in Luxembourg?

One of the main reasons why many foreigners opt to stay in Luxembourg is the high-quality of living. It is considered one of the wealthiest countries in the world. The people working here are receiving a very high salary. Also, there are several elegant and sophisticated museums that you can check out. Although it is a bit expensive living here, it is worth it as the crime rate here is very low. The country also has beautiful sceneries and impressive public service.

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