Buying a condo in Dubai: Expectations vs. Reality

Dubai Apartment

There are many people who are considering investing in UAE real estate. Growth in the country’s economy along with different housing options available is showing a positive trend in real estate.  The real estate is definitely a sound investment option.  There are wide varieties of properties that are on sale both in the primary and secondary market which shows that there is no shortage in supply. However, as a buyer, this wide variety of choice will result in confusion as to which property is best for you and whether it will meet your expectations.

Also, the property advertisements share photos which might not be even close to reality and they would be painting a glossier picture. For instance, there would be a picture of the family relaxing near the pool on a quiet summer day but in reality, the pool will be too crowded and messy. Hence, it is best that you approach a professional real estate dealer like FazWaz who can assist you in getting the right home for you.

 If you are planning to live in the condo, then choosing the unit will be much more personal. The right agent will be able to show you the property that meets your expectation as your expectation of the property you wish to stay will be quite high.

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The expectations you have from the property will be with regard to the space it offers, utilities offered, safety, etc.  In order to get a firsthand experience of the property you plan to buy, you should visit the property and the neighborhood to get the real feel of the property.  You should not just buy a condo blindly sitting halfway across the continent without taking a proper look at it or else, the reality of the state of the property will be totally different from what you anticipate. If you don’t have the time to visit the property before investing, entrusting this job with a professional agent will ensure that you buy the condo of your dream and the one which matches your expectation.

If the property is for investment purpose, then the decision to buy the property should be depended on who you are comfortable in renting the house to.  If you are choosing a condo, you would be expecting the tenants would be family with children who will not wish to move around much.  Hence it is best to choose a condo located at a prime location so that your expectations are met. Explain your investment purpose to the agent so that they can arrange the right property for you.

Maintenance and additional costs

Other than the purchase price of the condo, you will have to shell out yearly maintenance charges and also you will incur additional cost for the upkeep of the condo. You need to take into account all these factors before you take the final decision. The agent will be able to give you a better picture of the future cost that will incur for the property.

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